St. Joseph Missouri High School Orchestra Pre-contest Concert

March 15, 2012 at the Central High School Auditorium

Special thanks to each and every one of the personnel

Directed by Erick Theno

Erick Theno has been an Orchestral Director for the St. Joseph School District since the 2007-2008 school year. His teaching opportunities include Director of the High School Orchestra (Central, Benton, Layfayfette), Director of the Middle School Orchestra (teaches at Bode, Truman and Robidoux), and assists with the Elementary Orchestra (teaches at Edison).

Prior to coming to St. Joseph, Theno taught in the Missouri String Project in Columbia, MIssouri for 3 years while at the same time, lending his talents to the Community Music Program also in Columbia. Along with teaching, Theno has played in several Jazz bands and Orchestras throughout the Columbia, St. Joseph, and Kansas City area including such ensembles as the Northland Symphony, St. Joseph Symphony, Missouri Philharmonic, Missouri Jazz Band, 2006 All-Collegiate Orchestra and several other smaller performances. Theno continues to play throughout St. Joseph and Kansas City when opportunities arise.

Erick Theno received a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from the University of Missouri – Columbia, graduating in May of 2007 Cum-Laude. He is currently working on his Masters of Music Education degree at the University of Missouri – Kansas City with the prospects of completion by May of 2013.

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