November 27, 2022
Social Welfare Board St. Joseph MO

Website: Phone: 816-233-5188

There are 16,000 adults living in Buchanan County who are uninsured and impoverished.
At Social Welfare Board, our mission is to promote and provide quality medical and dental health care to the uninsured residents of Buchanan County. We strive to supply health care with the compassion, respect, and dignity that will make our community proud.
Located in St. Joseph, Missouri, Social Welfare Board has been providing medical services to the uninsured for over 100 years! In fact, we are the oldest free and charitable clinic in the US to provide important health care to the underserved. Our services include medical, dental, a dispensary for medications, dietary counseling, and a women’s health clinic. 70% of the patients who seek care at the Social Welfare Board are unable to get health insurance or do not have the money to seek traditional healthcare. Our successful approach continues to provide safety net services to those in need and we are thrilled with the impact. Each year, we see an average of 28,318 medical visits and 4,109 dental visits. We look forward to our continued work.