October 3, 2023


Video Transcript:

Two new clothing stores on Edmond street here in St Joseph, are preparing to open their doors in 2023 janae’s Heavenly Fashion located at 508. Edmund Street will feature clothes, jewelry and shoes from all around the world and the store called Johnny mushita uh yeah. Just sorry, janae’s said her store will have something for everyone. Mashita’S daughter is opening a store in the building next door. At 506, Edmund Street called Shabani brand Shabani brand will offer hand, sewn prom, dresses and wedding dresses as well as alterations.

She just said it is important for her to open her store here in the community where she calls home. My experience in Saint Joseph is always kind of downtown is kind of dead. It’S like everybody always want to go to Kansas City. To do stuff too. What can we have it here?

So I met at this. My home, I love people from Saint Joseph, I love Saint. Joseph is a really great place to be. The opening date of shibani brand is still in the works. However, janae’s Heavenly fashion is set to open this summer with a soft opening, except for spring