May 30, 2023
Limousine Band St. Joseph Mo

Limousine Band St. Joseph MoLimousine was formed in January of 1976 and performed live from August 1976 to October 1983 with the same original members, Joe Gibson – bass guitar/keyboards/vocals, Joey Krug – guitar/vocals and Gary Piland – drums/vocals. Limousine was a hard-driving rock/pop “glam” band with a strong following holding many gate/bar records where they played. By the time of their breakup in 1983, the band was performing a good portion of their sets as original music. Cover work included songs by AC/DC, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ozzie Osborne, The Beatles, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Budgie, Billy Squire, Cheap Trick, etc.

Their live performances easily exceed 800.

The following is from Limousine’s press kit (c. 1982) with minor typographical fixes:


In the fall of 1975 Joe Gibson and Gary Piland (bass and drums) arrived in Topeka, Kansas looking for what they were beginning to believe didn’t exist—a dedicated guitarist. Their search had already taken them throughout Colorado and Kansas and Topeka was to be the last stop before moving to another state. After five months of disappointing tryouts, Joe ran into Joey Krug at a New Years Eve party. Joey was involved in another band at the time but decided a jam session couldn’t hurt. The day after the session Limousine was formed.

From the beginning all three members envisioned placing their stage performance on a par with the their musical presentation. Costumes, lighting and choreography were to be used to focus attention on the visual as well as the audio thus highlighting the band’s stage personality. They realized however, that no group—no matter how dynamic—can succeed in winning over an audience without a fresh and appealing sound. Limousine’s music, whether copy or original, would be hard driving and contemporary with an emphasis on their unique vocal talents.

Following eight months of intensive rehearsal and a substantial financial investment, Limousine performed its first engagement. It was an unqualified success. (Depot Square, August 1976.)

Six years, nine states and innumerable gigs since its formation, Limousine still relies on its well-proven formula. To be sure, thousands of hours in front of audiences at concerts, festivals, schools, clubs, bars and private parties have polished the band, and of course sound and lighting have become increasingly sophisticated but the primary emphasis is still spotlighting the explosive stage personalities of its three hard-driving performers.”