June 8, 2023

Heartland Baking Cookbook – Jerre Anne Cafeteria St. Joseph, Missouri


Heartland Baking cookbook shares recipes from Jerre Anne Cafeteria in St. Joseph, Missouri. Inside this cookbook, you’ll find out how to bake delicious pies, breads, cakes and some hearty main dishes like Sweet and Sour Baked Chicken and Meat Loaf, just like the Jerry Anne Cafeteria bakery.


Format: Paperback, 169 pages

Copyright: 1991

Publisher: Dell Publishing

Author: Charia Lawhon

ISBN: 9780440502524

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Additional Details

Description: More than sixty years ago, the Jerre Anne was a bakery at the end of the trolley line in St. Joe, Mo. The pies were so delicious that conductors left their trolleys running while they dashed in, grabbed a piece of pie, and ran back out to make the return trip downtown. From such simple beginnings, the Jerre Anne became one of the most renowned cafeterias in the Midwest.

Now, here are all Jerre Anne’s most treasured secrets. Mouth-watering, fresh fruit pies; luscious lemon meringues; holiday mincemeats; and the creamiest coconut creams — with no-fail, no-nonsense crust-making recipes and advice. And don’t miss the sinful devil’s food cakes, the most moist yellow cakes, and the thick, rich icings such scrumptious goodies deserve.

Learn how to make the best breads and coffee cakes you’ve ever tasted. Plus hearty main dishes that make discovering this book as exciting as finding your own grandmother’s recipe box stashed in the attic!