June 7, 2023

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Sixth Street was really jumping in 1937

growth days 50 years ago, Sixth and Felix
Streets was the key intersection in the city
and the intersections at Francis and Edmond
Streets were close behind in vehicular and
pedestrian traffic. At Sixth and Felix was the
Plymouth Clothing Co. on the northwest
corner; Kresge’s Dime Store on the north-
east corner; United Department Store at the
southeast corner and the Holly Shop on the
southwest corner.

Going north on Sixth, Townsend and Wall
Dryu Goods Co. was on the east side and
Katz Drug Co. on the west. Walking north,
one found:

200 block:

The St, Francis Hotel, Tootle Bank, St.
Francis Hotel Cafe, Harley Shoe Repair, The
Tootle Estate office, including the Duck-
worth Estate office, Brown, Douglas & Brown
law offices, Alderman Printing Co., Baxter
Paint Co., St. Joseph Pleating and Button
Co., College Hill Cleaners, Fiedler’s Food
Shop, Michel Tire and Battery Co., M & B.
Cafe, Pearl Laundry downtown office.

300 block:

George Dewey Filling Station, Glass
House Cafe, Wachter’s Candies, Carl Broom
Auto Park, Dearden’s Cafe, Dr. Ray Nich:
olson, Francis Ross Auto Park and Delivery

GOING SOUTH from Sixth and Felix, one
would find in the:

100 block:

Brady-Mehornay Furniture Co, Kennedy
Grocery Co., Smith’s Book Store, the Rock
Island Building, Junction Shoe Repair, Ri
reation Club Bowling Alley, Virgil Emers
Jeyielry, Albert Kelly Barbershop and the
Jones Drug Store with lots of pretty girls.

200 block:

Empire Trust Co., Fred Garlichs Insur-
ance, Max Rosen Hat Cleaning, The Stag
Tavern, Rockford Furniture & Carpet Co.

Max Alex Clothing, St. Joe Hotel, Eagle
Hotel, Kallauner Bakery, Lafe Fouts Bar-

Barbershop, Basket Store No. 83, George Imus,

I Fruits, Elmo Martin Liquors,

600 block:

New Deal Lunch, George McAbee Res:
taurant, Electric Motor Service Co. K-A
Imperial Neon Co., Rosebud Cafe, Cleo-Vess
Bottling Co., Frank H. Berry Barbershop,
Phil Pomerantz Clothing, St. Joseph Motor-
eycle Delivery Co.

Royal Furniture Co. and the Mid-Central
Fish Co. with oceans of sea food.

300 block:

Sillman & Heschong Restaurant, Modern
Lunch, James Yates Barbershop, Meeks
Buffet, Pollock & Young Refrigeration, Max
James Clothing, Rosenthal Furniture Co.
Sam Fine Shoe Repairing, Leo Eveloft
Clothing, Shaffer News Agency, John Butts
Barbershop, Ryan Hotel
Rebecca Wolinsky Clot
Shop, Otis Carpenter Restaurant, J
Furniture Co., John Kinzie Used Furniture,
Fred Ratliff Transfer Co., Salvation Army

400 block

Joseph Mastio Liquors, Eagle Loan Office,
Clark Wieland Clothing, Mike Premis Bar-
bershop, Pilcher Hotel, Economy Auto
Supply, August Obermeyer Barbershop, Ben
Skolnik’s Paints, ABC Cab Co., Louis Chap-
‘man Clothing, Star Furniture Co.. St. Joseph
Pie Co,, Elizabeth J. Hughes Liquors, Savoy
Hotel, Parisoff Grocery.

500 block:

Louis Herman Drug Store, Star Furniture
Co., Isadore Eveloff Clothing, J.F. Hanke bi-
cycles, Charles Simmons Restaurant, Sam
Trachtman Shoe Repair, Bratcher’s Hard-
ware, William Robinson Second Hand Goods,
Robert J. Woodruff Millinery, Chester Cox
Barbershop, Sam Leonardus Restaurant,

700 block:

Sam Croner Tires, Henry Herman Bakery,
Luther Peery Second Hand Furniture,
Americn Auto Wrecking Co, Jack Boshear
Restaurant, William Burgess Warehouse, E-L.
Wholesale Liquor Co.

800 block:

Imperial State Oil Co. Abe Croner Tires,
National Auto Supply, Missouri Water &
Steam Supply Co., Farmers Equipment Co,
Colbert Machinery Co., Bliley & Beger
Plumbing, John Bruce Coal Co.

900 block:

McCue Fuel Co., Grace Wilson Restaurant,
Brown Transfer Co. Midwest Music Co.
State Social Security Commission, Yellow.
Cab Co,, National Carloading Corp., Allied
Van Co., Cigarette Service Co. Niles & Moser
Cigar Co.

1000 block

Mannan-Smith Supply Co. Walter Roye-
rofl Barbershop, Haber Hotel, Universal
Sales Co. Andrews Hotel, Andrews Cafe,
Frank O’Rourke Tavern, James Piro Cor
fectionery and, last but not least, the mag-
nificient red brick Union Depot, which the
Burlington Railroad tore down in rapid fash-
ion before anyone could protest.

NOT MENTIONED in the listings above
were the addresses of the “ladies of the
night” who engaged in free enterprise in
rooms on the second floor of some of the