May 30, 2023
Camera Shows Man Urinating in Company Coffee Pot ST. JOSEPH, MO. ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) _ The coffee just didn't taste right so workers at Wire Rope of America set up a hidden camera to try to find out why. What they found was a co-worker using the coffee pot as a urinal. ''I just [...]


MKDigitalArt / Pixabay

Wire Rope of America workers set up a hidden camera in an attempt to figure out why the coffee was not tasting right. The co-worker who was using the coffee maker as a urinal turned out to be the culprit.

Richard Poe (a plant electrician) said, “I just wanted his legs broken, shoot him or something.”

Milton Ross (41), pleaded guilty on Friday to third degree assault. He was sentenced Friday to two years of probation and required to clean 100 hours in public restrooms. Ross said that he made a mistake and was fired from the job. “I did it but it was not something I expected to be captured on video and make it a major issue. Now I want my life to continue. Ross was captured by a covert camera that was set up by a colleague in July urinating into a cup at Wire Rope Corp. of America. Ross said that Ross’s actions were part of a ongoing feud with his co-worker.

Instead, Poe turned the tape over to company officials and police. The tape was handed over by the police to Buchanan County prosecutors who are looking into bringing charges. The identity of this man has not yet been released.

KQTV broadcast the tape in the interim.

Poe stated that the man was arguing with other workers. He was fired after the July 16 incident. An official from the company declined to comment on whether the dismissal was due to the coffee pot incident.

Richard Biery from Kansas City, the Kansas City health director, stated that factory workers’ health was likely not at risk.

Biery stated, “Normally, a healthy person produces relatively innocuous urine.” But it is gross from an aesthetic perspective.