October 3, 2023

Chase Candy Company, located in St. Joseph, Missouri has been making candy since 1876.  Known for using only the best ingredients and making small batches at a time, the old fashioned way, to maintain consistency and great taste, the company is still in business today.  In the first 50 years of business, Chase Candy produced over 500 different types of candy.  Not all were hits, but the Cherry Mash Candy bar created in 1918 sure was and still remains their best seller.



A Cherry Mash is a candy bar is a mound of chopped peanuts blended with a chocolate coating over a smooth cherry fondant.  The Cherry Mash is well known around St. Joseph and the Midwest.  It is often given to visitors as a welcome token to the city and typically handed out to all that drive thru the famous Winter Wonderland at Krug Park each holiday season.  It is a ‘you love it or you hate’ it type of candy bar.  Many people that have moved away purchase a bag of mashes first off when they come back to visit.  Others are known to send packages of them as gifts – to family and friends that once lived here and even those that have never had one.  The Cherry Mash Candy Bar has over time become a great marketing tool for the city, and we all want everyone to at least try one!

135 years later, the company still operates where it was originally located but in a new, purpose factory that was built in 2005.  The Yantis family owns and operates the business and has invested in a number of new technologies over the years to stay up with production, sales and marketing.  Although unable to offer public tours, you can still stop by and purchase factory-fresh candy at 1307 South 59th Street, St. Joseph, MO 64507.