January 27, 2023


St. Joseph Post 

The unofficial start of summer is here, it’s Memorial Day weekend.  

Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop H Spokesperson Jake Angle this weekend is a kick-off for warm weather and boating.  

“Not only are we expecting an increase in traffic on the roadways but I’m sure there’s going to be an increase in boating traffic on the waterways as well,” Angle tells St. Joseph Post.  

Angle says not only do drivers need to be sober, but those operating boats this weekend need to be sober as well. 

“This Memorial Day holiday, some people are going to celebrate with family and friends and there may be some intoxicating beverages consumed and stuff,” says Angle. “We just want all of our drivers on the roadway or on the waterways to be sober.” 

Angle says he’s not sure how the weather will affect the weekend traffic.  

“I know this weekend it’s forecast to be a little bit cooler than it has been the last few days,” says Angle. “I think the temperatures in the mid-60s, so that may hamper some people’s water activities. It could also hamper some people’s outdoor activities. I l know there’s a little bit of rain in the forecast possibly.”  

Angle says this weekend the patrol will be enforcing high visibility tactics and strict enforcement.  

“We want people to get to their destinations safely, get home safely,” says Angle. “The goal obviously to reduce traffic crashes and just to all around make sure people have a very safe Memorial Day weekend.”