The Most Charitable Cities In Missouri

The Most Charitable Cities In Missouri

It’s actually not really the amount of money that makes a town generous, but alternatively the percentage of the resident’s income that is donated to Missouri charities. Philanthropy. com studied the country’s giving, then broke it down into municipal areas. According to the site, Missouri’s residents donated a total of $3,163,674,500 in 2012, which was 3.38% of the population’s total income. Many interestingly, those in lower income levels had a higher giving percentage. Citizens making under $25, 000 per year gave an impressive 8. 94% with their income to charity. Discussing see how the cities stacked up.

8. St. Louis

The city of St. Louis may well not be the most generous by percentage, but with total charitable contributions of almost $2 billion in 2012, it’s still pretty impressive. Residents gave 3. 10% of their income to charity.

7. Kansas City

Missouri’s most significant city gave $1. 4 million to charities, which was 3. 21% of the residents’ total income. Not too bad.

6. St. Joseph

The city of St. Joseph had a giving ratio of 3. 41%, putting them sixth on our list. Total contributions totaled $42 mil.

5. Jefferson City

The capitol city gave $59 million to charitable organizations in 2012, which was an extraordinary 3. 62% of residents’ total income.

4. Columbia

With a giving ratio of 3. 74%, Columbia’s total charitable contributions totaled more than $103 million.

3. Cape Girardeau

The pretty city of Cape Girardeau found at 3rd on our list with a providing ratio of 3. 77%, and almost $44 million in charitable contributions.

2. Springfield

Springfield has a number to be proud of with total contributions equaling $223 million. Residents gave an impressive 4. 34% with their00 income to charities.

1 . Joplin

Missouri’s most generous town is Joplin, who gave a whopping 4. 73% to charitable organizations. Total contributions equaled $77 million. Best wishes Joplin!



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