November 27, 2022


St. Joseph Post

St. Joseph’s landfill will soon be open to the public for only
one Saturday a month.

The City of St. Joseph announced today that a lack of
employees and an increase in trash will limit the time the landfill is open to
the public.

At present, the St. Joseph landfill is open every Saturday.
Beginning next Saturday, the landfill will limit business hours on the weekends
and will be open to the public only one Saturday a month. Hours Monday through
Friday will remain the same. The landfill will be open only on the first
Saturday of the month with operating hours of 7am to 2pm.

In July, the landfill will be open July 10th.

This temporary change of hours will end once the city hires
sufficient staff.

For more information, visit the city’s website at
or call 816-253-1120.