September 28, 2022

MoDot Northwest continuing efforts to reopen flooded roadways
Water covered Highway 36 last week after heavy rains. Photo Courtesy of Troop H


St. Joseph Post

After heavy rainfall forced road closures late last week, MoDot is continuing work to reopen roads.

Marty Liles Northwest district engineer says that most of the road closures seen in the northern part of Missouri have begun to reopen.

“We had over probably 30 routes plus that was closed down, more so in a lot of our northern region,” Liles said. ” A lot of those have dissipated and we’ve been able to open those up.” 

However, Liles adds as water continues to move downstream, more roads are being forced to close.

“What we’re seeing now is a lot of that water as it reaches into those tributaries and tries to focus further down into the Missouri River, we’re seeing a lot of our Linn and Livingston counties that are getting inundated with water as well.” Liles said

Liles says that with the amount of rain that fell, there were plenty of other repairs needed to reopen roads even after water receded.

“Anytime you get that amount of rainfall, water is rushing and it causes erosion in places with our culverts,” Liles said. “It really tests a lot of our system out, so we’ve had to go back and make some repairs to some of our culverts, wash outs and things like that just to get them opened back up as well.” 

Liles says about 17 roads remain closed due to high water, Highway 65 south of Carrollton is reduced to one lane of traffic.