September 25, 2023

Video transcript:

City council passing an emergency order to impose a local sales tax for the use of marijuana. The bill will be up for a vote in April municipal election. If it passes the local sales tax for the sale of marijuana will be at a rate of 3 percent. There are still a number of questions going forward regarding the issue, but city council believes that the process is a step in the right direction. What we’re trying to do from the point of view of the council and and the law was passed by the majority of the people at this point in time.

It’S our position to to work within the law to make sure that we do what’s right for the community and, as I said, there will be a lot of discussion. There’Ll be a lot of questions and or trials that take place to determine what’s the proper procedure. So what we’re trying to do is is stay one step ahead, make sure that we’re on board with what the communities want and what is happening out in the in the community so that we can respond where needed. Residents can cast their votes on this topic. In the municipal election, which will take place on April 4,