November 27, 2022


St. Joseph  

With 4th of July celebrations in full swing, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are a pet owner.  

Melanie Barnes with the Friends of the Animal Shelter says she believes fireworks are enjoyed by a lot of the community, but not everyone.  

“Not all people and/or pets enjoy fireworks so it can be a very high anxiety time for our pets. There’s a lot of pets that really just don’t enjoy loud noises, loud flashes” Barnes tells St. Joseph Post.  

Barnes says to help your pets by giving them a space in doors during loud fireworks that is a safe and comfortable for them. 

“Maybe their favorite toy, their favorite blanket, bed, a couple treats, something that they’re very comfortable around, and then it also helps also to provide a little background noise as well, so maybe a radio, a TV, or just something very soothing to them,” says Barnes.  

Barnes says there are a lot of way to prepare for the holiday weekend when it comes to keeping your pets safe, including proper identification.   

“Probably the most secure way because collars can fall off, tags can fall off, maybe tags aren’t up to date, is microchipping our pets, cats and dogs, it’s a very common low invasive way,” says Barnes. “It’s a microchip that sits just right underneath the skin.” 

Barnes encourages pet owners to keep proper identification on their pets to help them get reconnected if lost or separated during the celebrations this weekend.