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Are you a fan of rock music? Looking for something fresh and new to listen to? If so, then look no further than Radkey, a punk/garage-rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri! This three-piece band is full of energy and enthusiasm, and they’re sure to get you rocking out in no time. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about the band and why you should give them a listen.

Biography of the Radkey Band Members

Radkey - St. Joseph Mo bandRadkey is an American punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri formed in 2010 by brothers Dee, Solomon, and Isaiah Radke. The three brothers hail from a musical family and are all home-schooled. Dee Radke plays lead vocals and guitar, Isaiah Radke plays bass, and Solomon Radke plays drums. Their first show was in 2011 when they opened for Fishbone. Since then, the band has released two EPs and toured extensively, bringing their high energy punk rock to cities around the world. The brothers grew up listening to their music-mad father’s records and were inspired by Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl.

Overview of the Radkey Music Style

Radkey is an American punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, formed in 2010 by the three brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke. Their music style is a blend of punk rock and garage rock, reflecting the brothers’ love for rock music and comic books. The brothers have developed their own unique sound of hard-hitting punk that has been described as “frenetic and infectious”. With a mix of riffs, crunchy chords and catchy choruses, Radkey’s sound draws on influences from bands like the Foo Fighters, Nirvana and The Clash to create a powerful energy that has won them fans all over the world.

The Radkey Band’s Discography

Radkey’s discography includes two EPs, Dark Black Makeup and Delicious Rock Noise, and a full-length album, Delicious Rock Noise. The band is known for their energetic, hard-hitting sound, which is a combination of punk, rock, and metal influences. Their EPs feature songs such as “Parade it”, “Romance Dawn”, “Evil Doer” and “Feed My Brain”. Their self-titled full-length album was released in 2016 and includes tracks such as “Glore” and “Hunger Pain”. Radkey have also released several singles, including “Rock and Roll Homeschool”, “Love Spills”, and “Romance Dawn”. Radkey’s music has been praised by critics for its catchy melodies and raw energy.

Live Performances by Radkey

Radkey has been performing live since 2011, when they opened for Fishbone. Since then, they have been touring extensively and performing at venues all over the US, such as The Roxy in Los Angeles and The Metro in Chicago. The Radkey brothers bring a high-energy punk rock show to their audiences and never fail to put on a memorable performance.

Live performances by Radkey are always an experience not to be missed. Their shows are filled with punk rock energy, powerful riffs and explosive vocals. The Radkey brothers have become quite well-known for their live performances, and fans often travel long distances just to see them play. As the band has grown in popularity, their live shows have become larger and more energetic. The Radkey brothers are passionate about their music, and it shows in their performances. They are also known for interacting with the crowd, often encouraging them to sing along and dance along to the music. Live performances by Radkey are guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for any fan of punk rock.

Interviews with Radkey Band Members

The Radkey brothers are a punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, and have been making music since 2010. They have released two EPs and have toured around the United States and Europe. In interviews, the brothers have revealed that their father is a musician and growing up, they were exposed to a variety of music genres. Now, let’s hear from the band members themselves about their music, influences, and experiences in the industry.

Music Videos by Radkey

The music video for Radkey’s single “Romance Dawn” is a great example of the band’s signature punk-rock style. The video features the band in an old-fashioned Western setting, performing the song while wearing cowboy outfits. The video also showcases the Radke brothers’ musical abilities, with their tight harmonies, fast-paced riffs, and intense energy. The video has been praised for its creative and humorous concept and has been viewed by thousands of fans around the world.

Reactions and Reviews of Radkey Music

Radkey is an up-and-coming punk rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, formed in 2010 by brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke. Since their formation, the band has been gaining a lot of attention for their unique sound and approach to punk rock. The band has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike for their energetic live performances and their bluesy, alt-rock style of music. Their music has been hailed as a mix of punk and garage rock, with elements of alternative rock. Many fans have commented on their impressively tight sound and their powerful lyrics. With their highly anticipated second EP set to be released soon, the future definitely looks bright for this dynamic trio.

Behind-the-Scenes of Band Practices

The Radkey brothers are no strangers to hard work and dedication. Behind the scenes, the Radkey band puts in countless hours of practice to perfect their sound. From their family home in St. Joseph, MO, Isaiah (bass), Solomon (drums), and Dee (lead vocals and guitar) have been honing their skills for the past decade with little distraction from the outside world. In the band’s own words, the brothers “practiced like maniacs” to create an impressive body of work.

The brothers often practice together, each bringing their own unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Through this collaborative approach, they are able to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Despite their individual differences, they have a unified vision of what they hope to accomplish with their music. With their practice sessions, they are able to refine their tunes and perfect their sound. As a result, they have been able to make a lasting impact on the punk rock scene with their music.

How the Radkey Band Writes Music

The Radkey band is made up of three brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri: Isaiah Radke (bass), Solomon Radke (drums), and Dee Radke (lead vocals and guitar). The brothers first formed the band in 2010 and have since gained a lot of attention for their funk-infused punk rock sound. Now, let’s take a closer look at how the Radkey band writes their music.

The brothers are no strangers to the creative process, having grown up with an extensive music collection from their father. They draw on this diverse collection for inspiration, often taking pieces of various genres and combining them to create something unique. Their music is also heavily influenced by the brothers’ own experiences, so each song tells a story of its own. The band also makes use of improvisation in rehearsals to come up with new ideas and further refine their sound.

When it comes to actual songwriting, each brother has their own process. Dee is usually responsible for the lyrics, while Isaiah and Solomon focus on working out the musical aspects. They often take turns playing different instruments while hashing out ideas in the practice space, and they’ll then arrange and record demos before heading into the studio.

The Radkey band puts a lot of hard work into their music, but they also make sure to have a lot of fun along the way. “If you can’t have fun making music, then what’s the point?” says Dee. It’s this attitude that has enabled them to craft such powerful tracks and captivate audiences around the world.

The Impact of the Radkey Band on St. Joseph MO

The Radkey Band’s music has had a huge impact on the St. Joseph MO music scene. From the first time they played a show in 2011, their passionate and powerful performances have been inspiring both young and old listeners alike. Since forming in 2010, the band has released two EPs, toured, and been featured in interviews and music videos. They have also earned a spot in the hearts of many of their hometown fans. With their unique blend of punk rock, garage rock, and alternative rock, they have brought an exciting new sound to St. Joseph MO, one that is sure to continue to influence and inspire music lovers for years to come.


Radkey consists of three home-schooled brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri. Isaiah Radke (bass), Solomon Radke (drums), and Dee Radke (lead vocals and guitar) who formed their family-titled band in 2010, and played their first show in 2011 when they opened for Fishbone. With their dad, Matt Radke, as their manager, they have since played with the likes of the Foo Fighters, Jack White, The Offspring, Descendents, Local H, Black Joe Lewis, Titus Andronicus and performed at festivals like SXSW, Riot Fest, Afropunk, Japan’s Punkspring the U.K.’s Download Festival, and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. They have released two EPs since their inception: 2012’s Cat & Mouse with Adrian Grenier’s Wreckroom Records and 2013’s Devil Fruit on Little Man Records.The band worked with Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, Drenge) to release their latest single, “Feed My Brain” and the team released their debut LP Dark Black Makeup in August 2015 The music video for their song “Glore” was featured near the ending of the episode “Shapes” of Off the Air on Adult Swim. Their debut album was re-released in 2016 under a new name, ‘Delicious Rock Noise’ and featuring two bonus tracks. In the 2020, the group released their follow up album, Green Room.


Radkey’s first chance to play Afropunk Fest in 2011 was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. The band would then return to Brooklyn to play Afropunk in 2012. September 25, 2012 the trio tracked the single and video, Cat & Mouse, for Wreckroom Records. The band had their first Daytrotter session January 30, 2013. Radkey’s performances at SXSW 2012 attracts the attention of NY Times reporter Jim McKinley. On April 18, 2013, Radkey releases Spirals & N.I.G.G.A. (Not Okay) on Replay Records single 7″ Following SXSW 2013, radio producer for Zane Lowe introduces the music to Zane’s program; Zane Lowe debuts two tracks – Spirals and Cat & Mouse on his show May 2, 2013. June 4, 2013 Radkey releases Cat & Mouse EP on Wreckroom Records. Radkey was invited to play at Download Festival in the UK – Summer 2013. While in Europe the band attracted critical press with NME, both in print and online. Radkey then went on to record their second EP, Devil Fruit,with Joel Nanos at Element Studios Kansas City, Missouri. The EP is mixed by Rory Attwell (Palma Violets, The Vaccines). The band then hits the road for their US tour in support of NAAM. September 24, 2013 radkey’s video, Romance Dawn, debuts on NME. Directed by Shaun Hamontree (MK12 design crew, video for Common ‘Go’, Jack White & Alicia Keys ‘Another Way to Die’, Title design for Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner and Stranger than Fiction).

October 1, 2013 the band appeared on Jools Holland to perform Out Here in My Head. The trio continued touring in late 2013 in support of Drenge, Black Joe Lewis and Red Fang. Following their tour, the band recorded their latest single, Feed My Brain, and the track, Digging the Grave, with Justin Mantooth at Westend Studio, KC, MO – mixed by Ross Orton. In early 2014 Radkey was featured in a print edition of NME. In fall of 2014 Radkey went on tour with Rise Against and Touché Amoré

The band toured in Europe and North America through 2015. The band predominantly toured North America through 2016. The band played at Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio in May 2017. In summer of 2018 Radkey went on tour with Jack White. In late 2018 they toured with British punk rock and psychedelic band The Damned.


  • Dee Radke – lead vocals, guitars
  • Isaiah Radke – bass, backing vocals
  • Solomon Radke – drums, backing vocals



  • Delicious Rock Noise (2016)
  • Green Room (2020)


  • Cat & Mouse (2013)
  • Devil Fruit (2013)
  • No Strange Cats (2019)


  • “Romance Dawn” (2013)
  • “Feed My Brain” (2014)
  • “Romance Dawn (UNKLE Reconstruction)” (2014)
  • “Dark Black Makeup” (2015)
  • “Marvel” (2016)
  • “Not Smart” (2016)
  • “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover” (2017)
  • “Basement” (2018)
  • “St. Elwood” (2018)
  • “Rock & Roll Homeschool” (2018)
  • “Junes” (2018)
  • “Portraits” (2019)
  • “Bend” (2020)
  • “Ain’t No Sunshine” (2020)
  • “Seize” (2020)
  • “Underground” (2020)

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