August 16, 2022

The PDGA World Championships is one of several major championships in the sport of disc golf, along with the United States Disc Golf Championship. Held annually since 1982, the event crowns world champions in several divisions in the professional disc golf fields. Since 1983, male and female competitors have played at the same venue every year.

There have been 18 different Champions in the Men’s event with an average field of 155 competitors, and 17 different Champions in the Women’s event with an average field of 26. The event has been held in 19 US states as well as Ontario, Canada.

Starting in 2017 the Open Men’s and Women’s divisions began playing in one tournament, while the age-based divisions will play in a separate World Championships. Thus allowing the potential to be the world champion in both Open and an age-based division. In 2017, the”Final 9″ round was eliminated from the Championship Format. This was a card of the top 4 competitors, occasionally more, playing a 9-hole final round without any other competitors in the field.