What is bluetooth proximity marketing?

What is bluetooth proximity marketing?

Proximity marketing provides tools which enable delivery of advertising content to on
their location.

Some Proximity Marketing solutions provide the possibility to add rich advertising
content and analyze proximity marketing campaigns’ results.

As you may know, most of the existing Proximity Marketing systems use Bluetooth
Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology.

This method of sending notifications is common due to the fact that it doesn’t
consume a lot of receiver device’s energy and is widely used in a number of other IoT
(Internet of Things) products (like, wireless bluetooth headphones, etc.).

Does proximity marketing have any future?

Proximity Marketing is hot.

Each day brings a new article promising the coming days when every store you go
into will set your phone vibrating with advertising.

Proximity marketing is delivering content to a user, usually via mobile, when they are
in close proximity to a product or place.

Types of Proximity Marketing Strategies include:

  • On-the-spot digital coupons
  • Bar code marketing
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal marketing
  • Digital signage
  • Sending relevant text, video, audio, games, etc. while the consumer is in front
    of a specific product
  • Sending push notifications (about promotions, etc.) relevant to what the user is
    seeing in the store.
  • Sending coupons
  • Segmenting audience depending on user
  • Engage with audience
  • Higher conversion rates

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