September 21, 2023

Downtown St. Joseph Missouri Still Has A Lot Of Work To Do

Hi there, everybody you’re traveling with me jack and, of course, my beautiful heavenly wife pam, and welcome to historic, st joseph missouri, a community of about 75 000 people located less than an hour north of kansas city on the banks of the missouri river.This was once a boom town from the 1800s well into the 1950s and 60s.Now you’re hearing about downtowns all across america having a rebirth so to speak, a lot of a gentrification they’re, calling it redevelopment things are booming, but here in downtown st joseph missouri.Well, they haven’t gotten the memo just yet it’s a little sad looking, but that’s not the point of this video that we’re doing today.

Saint Joe Missouri Could Be The Next Boom Town In The Upper Midwest

We want to talk more about the potential of saint joe missouri, so what i want you to do is sit back, relax and go a little tour with us around this downtown area.Let’S see what you think could saint joe missouri be the next boom town here in the upper midwest

Okay, i’ll be the first to admit the Downtown needs a little help, but did you see the potential that i was talking about all these historic buildings here and there were a few little pockets of redevelopment here and there?So i think this could be the next boom town in the upper midwest.You just never know now did i mention that i lived here at one time.That’S right, pam and i lived here.

Affordable Saint Joseph Living – Good News for Downtown

This is where i got my first full-time weather job working at kq2 television over 30 years ago, so i just had to come back and check out downtown, which i had not been to in over 30 years, and it has continued to go downhill somewhat, but again Saw those little glimmers of hope here and there now keep in mind outside the downtown area.A modern universities here, missouri western university they’ve got modern shopping as well.They’Ve got health care facilities.Interstate 29 runs along here, you’re less than an hour from kansas city and in fact the kansas city, international airport is actually closer for many residents here in saint joseph than it is residents of kansas city, and did i mention too the cost of living here?Oh, my gosh incredibly incredibly affordable.

Downtown St Joseph Missouri Investing Now

So again, will it be you you or you or me that decides to come and invest in downtown st joseph missouri right now seeing what’s happening around the country?I think it might be a pretty good investment, but we’ll have to wait and see.In the meantime, hey keep subscribing to our channel traveling with jack and pam.I also invite you to check out my podcast.Of course.That’S love.Letters to pam the jack church show, and until we do see you that next time have a great day better, yet a better tomorrow and bye now from historic, downtown st joe missouri [, Music, ], [, Music ], you